Johnny Farr

Product Designer & Entrepreneur

With over 10 years in digital, I work with established companies and startups to holistically design, guide, and shepherd the overall experience and visual design of a product.

I strive to push the world forward by creating a bridge between people, technology, and businesses.

I’m Johnny, a digital product designer based in Toronto, Canada and currently the Founder & Design Lead at NaturoSites.

As a product designer, I architect solutions that are based on clarity, simplicity, and sustainability by concentrating on the needs and intentions of users and aligning them with the business goals.

I believe that great design is timeless, placing functionality and real-world solutions over feature sets & ornamentation. Great design is clear, lucid, and purposeful. It’s what I aim to bring on every project.

Outside of that, you’ll typically find me with close friends, reading the latest non-fiction, working on a new digital project, perfect my culinary skills, or taking on a new physical challenge. If there’s anything I can help you with, say hello!

Selected Works

Some carefully crafted concepts & samples that inspire, disrupt, and solve problems.

Green P
Dr. Lynne Racette
True Roots Healthcare
Healthflow Naturopathic

Insights & Journal

Coming soon. I’m putting together a collection of articles centred around UX/UI designbehavioural psychology, and business trends that all product designers should be in touch with. If you want to be the first to know when these are live, please email me!