Digital Done Right: Coke’s Hilltop Campaign Reimagined

Google rolled out a new project to highlight the ways that Google AdWords and their whole set of services and API’s can improve advertising in the digital age. And it is completely awe-inspiring. Google worked with four companies in total, but the best one has to be Coca Cola’s.

Coke decided to remake the Hilltop campaign, working with the original creative legends who created this campaign. For those who are unaware, Hilltop is one of Coke’s best campaigns ever, centring around the jingle “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” It was so contagious that it spread around the world and got turned into a hit song.

In a nutshell, you watch the ad, and then you can send a free Coke to one of a few vending machines around the world. You can attach a message, either video or text, and you also get to watch a video of the soda en route courtesy of Google Earth and Street View. You can even see a video of the person at the other end getting their free Coke if they choose. The whole process is pretty cool, and it’s just awesome to put a smile on a strangers face halfway across the world.

Spread the love. Get inspired. This is digital done right.