Mirrored Campaigns: Bing-berry

Is it me or is Microsoft’s new campaign for Bing almost identical to Blackberry’s BeBold campaign?

Can you identify which tagline below is for which company?

We need tools, not toys.
_______ is for doing.
I’m about action, not distraction.

Razorfish, the ad agency behind the new campaign, did an awesome job highlighting Bing’s benefits. But if I see this commercial on TV, I personally would dismiss it as just another last hope advertisement from a failing brand. That is, until I see the WP7 phone, a detail which the average consumer wouldn’t even catch.

But to top it all off, having Wiz Khalifa sponsor Bing? Really? He’s not the worst, but certainly not great. Budget must have been an issue because I can name 20 artists off the top of my head that would have created a stronger ad (Adele, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Kanye, Frank Ocean, Snoop, Childish Gambino). I am almost positive that Wiz is an avid iPhone user too.

Most of all, Windows Phone and Bing should have joined their budget and created advertisements together. Windows Phone is a very social and well-organized operating system that heavily relies on the power of Bing. WP7 and Bing are both great pieces of software, and WP7 relies on Bing’s search power in a multitude of ways. Combining both would have really portrayed and dictated Microsoft’s new direction very nicely.

What do you guys think? Is it a case of great minds thinking alike or simply some (un)intentional inspiration?