Healthflow Naturopathic

Website Design

Healthflow was undergoing some big changes and and wanted to reflect those changes in an entirely new site. One of their biggest areas of change was their marketing – Healthflow was investing heavily into Google Adwords and they weren’t getting as much of an ROI as they liked. After looking into the campaign analytics, it appeared that the landing pages were just not converting as well as they’d liked, so we decided to redesign their website in such a way that every page acted like a landing page.


All-new custom site that is easy-to-manage for non-tech people, was responsive, and could double as a landing page. The site needed to have high conversions and we had a tight deadline.


• 15.7% conversion for cold traffic
• 15.11% bounce rate
• 3:53 minutes per session

• Google PageSpeed Score: 91/100
• 0.967ms load time
• 1.32 pages per session

Tech Stack:

• WordPress for CMS
• Custom theme using the Genesis framework
• Hand-coded CSS, JS, and PHP

• Hot Jar (heatmap & user behaviour)
• Google Analytics
• Call Tracking Metrics

Home Page

Since this site is used welcomes cold traffic with a significant ad budget, the homepage is designed as a general landing page that orients new users and build on advertising principles (AIDA) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) basics to build trust.

We capture the user’s attention first, but using a strong headline, and the team picture shows that it’s a clinic, not a 1-person shop which also increases trust. The page then informs users what services the clinic provides, and then uses social proof in the form of testimonials and insurance providers. Only then do we have our first call-to-action with a tempting offer.

Landing Pages

The internal pages build off the same formula as the homepage, but with less clutter. Each page includes testimonials relevant to each practitioner or service the page is mentioning. The call-to-action is also a prominent widget that hover in place as the user scrolls, which means there is always a call-to-action present on the screen so that users can act immediately.