Dr. Lynne Racette

Website Design & Branding

When Lynne first started her practice, she decided to build her own website which performed decently. However, she really didn’t feel it reflected her, her values, aesthetic, or specialties. We worked together from the ground up to develop a brand strategy, and translated that to a unique digital presence.


All-new custom site and brand that felt equal parts calm yet energetic. Lynne focuses on natural fertility solutions and women’s health in an affluent area, so we wanted to reflect her offerings and build instantaneous trust to her demographic by being direct, cohesive, and selective.


• 12.48% conversion for cold traffic
• 54% of all traffic are first-time visitors
• #1 3-Pack ranking for 4/6 services, top 5 for other 2

• 0.676ms load time
• Google PageSpeed: 88/100
• 2.2 pages per visit

Tech Stack:

• WordPress
• Custom theme using Genesis & Bootstrap
• Hand-coded CSS, JS, and PHP

• Hot Jar (heatmap & user behaviour)
• Google Analytics
• MailChimp

Home Page

Once Lynne and I began speaking about her brand, the strategy came easily. Lynne already knew what she wanted, and it was my job to translate her vision into a reality. Through our initial chats, the same themes kept popping up: upscale, professional, approachable, engaging, modern, and dedicated.

Lynne wanted to focus on fertility, and then be able to work with mothers through their pregnancy and beyond. The clarity she has for her practice was inspiring, and the site was designed to reflect all of her goals and brand values.


Since the site is built  on the amazing Genesis framework which is based on bootstrap, this website was already ready mobile-friendly but where’s the fun in that? I’ve gone through every single viewport and ensured that the site is meticulously responsive and gets viewed properly on every device and screen size.


Lynne didn’t want to appear like a typical ‘natural doctor’. After lots of deliberation, we chose the color palette below that is vibrant, classy, and focuses on her niche – fertility.


The typography plays a major role in the site, portraying all of the core values of Lynne’s brand – engaging, classy (but not stuffy), and modern. The little touches of cursive, lend a playful feel that keep things from feeling too stale, and the serif/sans-serif combination we used helped balance professionalism with approachability.

Interface Items

To make things easier to code, I prebuilt many components and reused them as needed. Here are the main ones.

Primary Button
Secondary Button
Hovered Button State
Front Page Benefits
Newsletter Signup